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The Indexed Web contains at least 4.85 billion pages. That’s roughly 1 web page for every 2 human beings on our home planet. Among all of this pages, there is one group, a very, very special group of pages. Your website. You have to compete with approximately 4.85 billion pages. The odds are never in our […]

Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of software and design program that is close to the heart of any Marketing Technologist. We are dealing with digital media in all forms through one of Adobe’s programs on a daily basis, so the need to stay up to date with the latest version is essential. Especially when […]

Save & Share this List of Top 20 Free Stock Image Sites for Your Digital Content Marketing! On a tight budget or worried about copyright issues when using images found online? Using Google Images and find and copy images can get you in trouble, unless you get permission from the  original source or buy a […]

Did you know that YouTube is officially considered the second largest search engine?  People go to YouTube now to pretty much search for anything because why read it when you can watch it?  That’s the old lizard brain syndrome, the easiest way out typically taken by most people which makes YouTube the greatest thing for […]

To jump start your  website design project and branding, a great place to go to get different kind of website ideas, resources, examples, and even templates is going to a group of websites under the ‘envato’ name –, one of them is called, and this is a great place to find word press […]

Are you still doing article rewriting the hard way? [progress_circle value=”60″ icon=”edit” text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#00c6ff” style=”solid”] Did you know that internet marketers now spend over 60% of their time, writing content? The problem is, quality content is either very time consuming or extremely expensive. Each decent article will set you back at least seven dollars, and […]

Whether you use your website as an online storefront or as your own personal soapbox, your goal is the same: Create a rewarding experience for your audience. In many cases, the best way to achieve this is to add value by encouraging your readers and customers to interact with your brand, products and services through […]

A good web designer must possess a minimum set of skills in order to connect all the technology and create a fully integrated website. First, a good background in design is essential because he must be able to create something with a look and feel that is pleasing to the eye. However, a website is […]

If you are interested in managing your own web design project or even business, there are things that you have to consider. You may have built several websites of your own and feel fairly comfortable about apply your skills to a paying project. However, designing websites for yourself is not entirely the same as doing […]