Master the Digital Age by Hiring a Marketing Technologist!

In today’s commercial marketplace there’s no shortage of marketing options that are available to you as a business.  The people who understand and master this technology are the experts you should consult with when considering how your budget is spent especially when it comes to technology and IT.  Experts who handle this niche are referred to as marketing technologists and if you own a small business they can be very beneficial to your brand.

This article will outline just a few ways a market technologist can help your small business.

  • Gain new clientele – a marketing technologist is someone whose ultimate goal is to bring you clients.  The commercial landscape has evolved to be a complex environment of social media, blogs and content marketing.  A good technologist will understand how to orchestrate all of these elements together and design marketing that targets your clientele.
  • Save money – cost-cutting is another benefit to having a good marketing technologist.  This is someone who knows how to cut marketing to the bone and get to the core of what you’re trying to sell as a brand or company.
  • Generate leads and sales – a good marketing technologist will ultimately bring together many different agencies and firms to form a creative partnership for your small business.  This means you have access to a large group of people who can get results for your business as well as generate leads.
  • Put emphasis on results – you don’t have to look very far to find software or automated marketing apps, things that will technically do your marketing job for you.  However, all the gimmicks in the world cannot replace the human element.  When you hire a good marketing technologist they will go after results first, rather than the tools that generate those results.  These sorts of methods can be explored later on, but if you’re on a budget it is best to focus on ways to generate real leads.

Ultimately hiring a good marketing technologist means finding someone who shines in your particular market.  An expert can turn around your marketing plan even on a smaller budget so be sure to vet your hires carefully.

Some warning signs include a technologist who constant seeks to expand the budget, even right after starting the job.  If you’re working with someone in-house, be sure that they can meet the demands of the job.  It is important to understand that just because someone understands social media and marketing, that doesn’t make them a social media marketer.  Also, be sure to expand your idea of what it means to be a marketing technologist.  Marketing in today’s digital landscape doesn’t always fit a traditional mold, so your expert doesn’t necessarily have to have a background that meets traditional standards.

Remember, you’re looking for someone who brings something to the marketing table.  A good marketing asset who understands technology while working within your budget is priceless, so always be sure to hire someone who fits your requirements.

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