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Unique Article Wizard is Reviewed for Your Content Syndication Needs

Unique Article Wizard is one of the most powerful tools that you could possibly have, in your marketing arsenal if you’re looking to syndicate you articles, images, video and even author status across a constantly changing network of blogs. And of course it’s going to help get your website to the top of search engines –  this tool is very powerful.

We’re one of  probably thousands of marketers who use UAW, whether, they’re SEO agencies, they do offline consulting, they’re internet marketers or maybe they’re local business marketers in a city like Seattle, WA.  Whatever the story is, all of those categories that I just mentioned, will benefit from this tool and it is absolutely powerful, for all products, services or topics.

I’m gonna, give you the kinda quick and dirty overview of UAW because, Unique Article Wizard has a lot of moving parts and it kind of scares people a little bit, but you really don’t need to be overwhelmed. UAW has multiple options for submitting new content. I prefer the One-Step Wizard, as it show all details on one page, and I can submit it in minutes!

reviewing unique article wizardSo for example, once we’re here in the home page we’ll go down to submit article.  And again, I recommend the one step wizard.  Maybe start with the easy step-by-step Wizard to see how its done first.  There’s a little video player showing a quick start guide which will explain all the options.

We’re going to create a new project. Next, create author names – I’m actually loading in, two hundred, different, pseudonyms or pseudo names so.  I don’t just want to use, one or two. I want to use a variety of them to minimize any footprint. You may be thinking, that’s a lot of different names, where did you come up with those? You can just search for free pen name creator.

Diversifying your content and authorship will help you safely rank your website, without risking the loss work you put in. This is important these days especially in light of the recent SEO link building shake-up.

unique article distributionAfter we add in our pen names, we will create a new campaign.  This first way is you can submit, one unique article here another one here and another one here.  Okay? You can spin one article, here, and use the same spun article in each, of the three boxes because when you spin an article and if you’re not familiar with article spinning, it’s a little piece of software.  That basically allows you to rewrite, or put in spin context, into an article to make, a variety of unique, versions of that and it should read correctly so you need to, put a little bit of time into that.

After I’ve loaded in a spun version of this article, I can scroll down to see what that looks like.  And, the original article is probably close to uh, uh maybe six hundred words, seven hundred words.  Something like that so, once you spin it you know it gets quite large.  The thing is you want to make sure you’ve got at least I think it’s about, well, I’d say to be safe four hundred words of your original article and once you spin that, you’re gonna be well above the uh five or six hundred word mark.  There are a couple of tools to do that, you could of course do it manually, you just you know you type in a, curly brace, uh your name, or whatever your word is, a pipe, or separator, then, each word, and the synonyms.  Right, that’s, pretty tedious.  Or, I recommend something called, spin re-writer, which is cloud based.  I’ve also used the best, spinner.  Spin re-writer is, I feel is a little bit better it’s a little more intuitive.  Um so, whatever the case is you want to make sure that you get your article spun once you load this in here, then you scroll down and again this looks kinda ugly this is not the prettiest interface I’ll admit.  Which is one of those, um.  Drawbacks of UAW but let’s face it you’re not here I’m not here for pretty interfaces as much I like them.  Uh [laugh].  What we’re really here is for results right?

UAW pluginThe scoop is a lot of it will down to titles.  And I’m going to recommend that you write at least six different titles, and spin them.  Now, the things is when you load an article in here you’re gonna put  the title in right here.

I also suggest that you load in an additional six titles, which I’m gonna do now.  So I’ve gone ahead, and, I have, loaded in my resource files and so.  Again, as with the titles, and the resource boxes I’m gonna suggest that you, spin, multiple versions, typically six, titles is good, and a minimum of two resource, files.  Uh spun really really well would be uh good for you to do.  I don’t uh, put in any substitution keywords here just go ahead and put in, uh different keywords and I start out very specific and then go down to very generic including, things like marketing and business for example in this particular, um.  Uh, review because I’m, talking about, uh.  Keyword research software so the reality is that.  Uh you’re looking at, ten different keywords here, starting with very broad uh very specific then ending in very very broad.  They’re mentioning this here as being crucial for reasons so make sure that you do that.  Just go ahead and, go back to your categories here first second third choice.  Uh.  Tell a UAW how many submissions you want per day, then you just go ahead and click uh  I suggest that you do upload and preview first and then you just, if that looks good than you go ahead and click send.

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