What is slowing you down
when implementing your
marketing campaigns?

The accelerated growth of online technology over the last decade has created many proven marketing opportunities for companies to grow their sales in the digital space. However, design, strategy and analysis can easily overwhelm any internal IT department and is beyond the skillset of standard marketing managers.

So how does one company navigate the endless design options, advertising strategies and online platforms?

In order to leveraging the power of online technology in your marketing plan, you need to tap into the expertise of more than just one person. It can be a pain for most small businesses to take on employees or multiple contractors to setup and manage your online marketing campaigns.

There is an easy solution >> utilize a Marketing Technologist who can design and align the marketing strategies and technology platforms that your product needs to succeed.

What is a Marketing Technologist?

A Digital Ninja would be the best way to describe this character. It is someone who is able to transition marketing content across multiple platforms; taking it from strategy development, to design creation and though to implementation. They can even manage ongoing campaign optimization and analysis.

For example, a marketing technologist can craft a high converting landing page and Google Pay-Per-Click campaign to get your phone ringing faster – all with a measurable ROI! They would even set your advertising campaigns to target a prototypical customer through multiple marketing channels and optimize your sales conversion rate through testing your copywriting and design.

Being a Marketing Technologist also involves keeping up on the top tools in the industry, from email marketing platforms to content management systems. Be sure that you are maximizing your results by using the best platforms, strategies and data available.

Marketing Technologists maintain up-to-date expertise on:

  • Marketing Tools — Integrating marketing software to maximize ROI.
  • Design & Coding — Premium graphics and user interfaces.
  • Advertising Networks — Target anyone, anywhere.
  • Copywriting &  Ad Testing – Maximizing response and conversion  rates
  • Social & Mobile Platforms — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tools.
  • Data & Analytics — Measuring campaigns to identify metrics that can be improved.
  • Content Marketing — Get exposure, traffic and leads with valuable content.
  • Web App Technology — Using up to date web browser and application technology.
  • IT Operations — Acting as a liaison with IT during project development.

A Marketing Technologist is also constantly evolving a core set of skill including:

  • Time-Sensitive Project Management
  • Data Pattern Recognition
  • Experimental Optimization
  • Systems Based Thinking
  • Software & Web Synergistics

Jumpstart your business by leveraging our services to synchronizes your marketing message with the technology that will maximize its reach!


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