2 New Marketing Job Titles to Watch For

Maybe you’ve never heard of a “data scientist” or a “marketing technologist” before and if not, that is ok.  They are job titles that are going to become the new buzz this year in digital marketing.

So what do these new experts in marketing technology do exactly?  If you look at their titles it is obvious that this is a combination of technology and data, that’s something every business can benefit from.  Let’s take a more detailed look at these positions to see if we can define the job a little better.

Data Scientist

With salaries consistently ranking in the six figures, data scientist occupy a unique niche in the world of online marketing.  The reason these experts are so valued?  Not everyone has what it takes to pull together data in a way that is meaningful in terms of marketing.  While the requirements for the position will vary depending on the company, a data scientist will generally scrape data from the web.  This is sometimes called “data mining”.  Part of this mining means separating the valuable data from that which has no meaning.  It can be a huge task.

As corporations and companies get bigger, so do their requirements for data mining.  This is where you can really bring in the profits as a data scientist, especially if you freelance or contract work rather than maintaining a single full-time position.

The current problem is supply and demand.  If you’re already working as a data scientist the odds are in your favor, right now there isn’t enough trained or qualified people to fill this niche.  However, this lack of supply will not last long.

Marketing Technologists

A marketing technology combines the best of IT and marketing into one position.   This is a new career path and one that really isn’t defined so much by its title yet.  Salaries for a data technologist will also have a wide variation, much like the job description itself.  One thing is for certain, you’ll see huge expansion in the job market for market technologists.

This is a position that allows for growth as well and a potential to lead a team all of which leads to increases in an already six-figure salary.  It doesn’t matter what you call yourself, if you combine your commercial objectives, meet marketing goals by using technology combined with traditional methods, you’re probably a marketing technologist – you just didn’t know it!

Just like a data scientist, this is a field with a supply and demand problem.  Take advantage of that if you can and if you’re already entrenched in the field, count yourself lucky!

For those currently seeking marketing degrees, this is a good time to specialize.  If you establish yourself and position yourself correctly you could reap huge rewards in the near future.


The world of marketing is always evolving, if you happen to be in the position to combing technology with marketing skills, you’re well positioned to be ahead of the next big marketing trend.

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