Adobe CS6 – Are You Up to Speed?

Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of software and design program that is close to the heart of any Marketing Technologist. We are dealing with digital media in all forms through one of Adobe’s programs on a daily basis, so the need to stay up to date with the latest version is essential. Especially when the updates include powerful new tool that can save us designers time and headache.

Adobe Creative Suite first launched in 2001, it was very well-received by the post cut and paste design world. Adobe now issues updated Creative Suite software releases every few years generally with many positive reviews. The latest software release is the Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6), which launched in 2012. Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) is compatible with Mac OS X v10.9 and Windows 8.1. However, Adobe announced that the Adobe CS6 is the last release for the Creative Suite line. The current Adobe Creative Suite contains the following applications: Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6, Acrobat X Pro, InDesign CS6, Bridge CS6 and Media Encoder CS6. Older versions of Creative Suite may also contain versions of these applications.

The Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) collection of applications is popular among artist, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, business owners and educators. It is used for a variety of creative and business purposes because it generates the graphics rich content used in today’s web design, mobile phone apps and graphic arts. There is also a popular student version of the Adobe CS6 software available at a discount, as it tends to be a bit pricey. Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) is used for graphic design, video editing, web development and animation and more. The Adobe CS6 application -Photoshop CS6 is particularly useful for photographers, both amateur and professional, in digital photography editing with some amazing tools that are aware of the pixel content within your photos.

Adobe CS6 application – InDesign CS6 is used by business professionals, individuals and educators to create unique content layouts. InDesign CS6 is useful in creating multi-page spreads in PDF forms, unique web and print layouts. It also allows users to capture text and objects from existing layouts. An exciting feature of InDesign CS6 allows users to view layouts in a split screen and compare two different layout options at once. Finally, people are finding InDesign CS6 a useful tool for creating electronic content for web and mobile devices as well as for eBook publication.

The Adobe Creative Suite 6 application – Illustrator CS6 is among the most creative aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite. It allows graphic designers, web designers and artists to create a wide variety of graphics and illustrations for print media, video, mobile and web content. Illustrator CS6 users can quickly and easily access gradient, brushstroke and color options for seamless editing.

The latest Adobe development is the release of the Adobe Creative Cloud; it was released in 2013 and is intended to replace the Adobe Creative Suite Line. The Adobe Creative Cloud has many of the same application as the Creative Suite. However, unlike the Adobe Creative Suite the new Adobe Creative Cloud does not rely on software downloads. The Adobe Creative Cloud is a monthly or yearly subscription fee based service. It is Mac OS- and Windows-compatible, but requires an internet connection to fully function.

Any marketing technologists should know how to quickly navigate Adobe Creative Suite’s (CS6) most popular programs. There are some great resources available to learn more. My favorites are the online tutorials by Lynda. You can also pick up books such as, “Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium All-in-One For Dummies”, or just start consuming all the YouTube tutorials that you can find!

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