How does SEO work?

The full answer would need much more than one post to explain all the elements of SEO to  you, everything there is to know about SEO the reality is is that, you could spend years studying search engine optimization and still not know, everything there is to know.  But, the great news is is that, there’s really only a few basic core principles you need to  understand and everything else is sort of, drilled down knowledge that gets into detail, but, how it works is pretty simple.

You have a website that you want to rank at the top of Google for a specific term.  That website needs to be optimized itself so that it, it’s, ready to accept the search traffic from Google that when Google reads it, it it’s congruent with that search term.  So if you have a site that sells, you know doll clothing, but your your the title of your website is my home page, that’s not gonna get you very far with Google in terms of, what we call on-page search engine optimization.  So.

The on-page search engine optimization part of it is, something that you can change fairly easily and change whenever you want, but it really only what you do on your actual website.  Is really only about ten to twenty percent of the equation of what search engine optimization is.  The rest of it is what we call external linking, it it’s done, or off-page SEO it’s done, outside of your website and it, it’s it’s, where, you go to other websites, the best example is let’s say you do a press release for, something that you’re working on.  And, that press release gets, gets a lot of media pick up and that media pick up all links back to your website.

That is sort of the holy grail that’s the best case scenario of getting external links to your website is to get them from news media and get them from independent, sort of other high ranking websites.  The more content that you put out on the internet,  that could be YouTube videos like this one I’m filming right now, that could be an article that you write that you, that you submit to an article website or to a relevant industry publication in your, category.  Uh, that could be, any kind of content that could be a, a, you know a, a post that you leave behind in a forum on your industry somewhere.

There’s really no, no end to, the content that you can create on the internet that links back to you.  Uh and there’s really no end to the number of places you can submit that content.  But, um, understanding SEO you need to understand that, eighty percent of the work is done off your website it’s done by, by creating content that links back to your website using relevant keyword terms.

I hope that explains what SEO is in an, in a nutshell, there’s so much more information to understand but really, the the core, the core of the information is, you need to you need to publish really good content on the internet, that other people want to share and spread around.  The more you do that and the more that content links back to your website, uh the better your rank on Google will get.

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