Crowd-sourcing to Ammplify Your Efforts

When running an online business or generating leads online it is extremely important to be everywhere – in every nook and cranny that you can get yourself into, you know this includes everything from answering answers on Yahoo Answers or a number of the other Q&A platforms there are out there, to filling related forms for your topic and replying to forum posts and engaging in those communities, to guess blogging and distributing your content to social media, getting Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google people in your Google circles, you know there’s so many places that its really impossible to be everywhere, and new ones pop up all the time like Pinterest for example which can drive a lot of traffic because it’s so new and popular. crowd

How do you manage all of these various mediums and how do you get people to engage more importantly?

Well there’s a few ways you can automate this initial engagement to really get your wheels turning and to get some followers, what – I’ve found is people tend not to follow and like things that other people are not following and liking, so there’s kind of the old bandwagon syndrome – if you see a lot of people have liked a page you’re more likely to like it as well, so we stimulate that a little bit, there’s various services out there that will offer some social media ‘juice’ I guess you could say, and some of those are sites like Microworkers, or even a site like where you can pretty much pay anyone five bucks to do anything, these can really be fun and low time to manage and they can really kick start your social media presence as far as giving you some people on your page.  You can go check those out, you know I like using Microworkers because I can set up campaigns and I can target people based on country so I know that these likes or followers are coming from US based people/accounts, and I can also drip feed it over a number of months so it looks very natural and gets a consistent amount of likes over a 30 day period, and then I just reload the account and continue that going.  I’ll also run Microworkers has a great system where they will pre-categorize the different pre-automated tasks that are out there, so I believe for example to have someone go post on Yahoo Answers for you it’s about 12 cents, and I know my time is way more valuable than that.

You can also have them do other things for you such as post articles on to a high PR blog that they have, I would really be careful with that nowadays, you want to know where your backlinks are coming from, but a lot of these social media accounts its really tough to track, I would just avoid using a lot of those traffic exchange type of services that are really popular such as like ‘addmefast’ or ‘youlikehits’, all of these are highly spammed and there may be some questionable accounts on there – this is more of a mass social media crowd sourcing system that I don’t really recommend using because I don’t think there’s any value in the followers and likes you’re going to get, but I highly recommend getting an ongoing campaign for Yahoo Answers.   You can have someone continually going out and looking for related posts to leave comments on and if you really want to get in the system and have a social media contest you want to blast some extra votes to, that’s always pretty fun as well, you can pretty much win any contest you want online.  One thing I do recommend with Microworkers is that there is a way to follow up and check and make sure your workers are doing the actual task.  I recommend always using two forms of proof for them to provide and a lot of times you’ll still get some that slip through the cracks but for 12 cents it’s pretty tough to beat, but with two forms of proof – typically I believe you can also target by user rating and country and if you use some of those filters you can really get a pretty high success rate with some of these campaigns.

Another great use for these crowd sourcing tools such as Microworkers and another one called Amazon’s ‘mechanicalturk’ is website testing, if you have a large website that has a ton of pages and you’re not sure if they’re all working, if there may be some problems, you can pay a couple of cents per visit for people to go traffic through your website and try to find these errors and they can post these errors so it’s a great kind of human testing outsourcing platform, or you could have people come in and write brief product descriptions or possibly review or write short reviews for products, I just wouldn’t recommend any of these services for any kind of CPA cost per action just because of the quality of the users typically isn’t very high and these people are just trying to earn a few cents so overall it’s a great way to simulate activity on YouTube videos, Facebook posts, getting people to post your stuff on their Facebook page, I mean there’s really an unlimited number of things you can have them do, so be creative and stop doing it yourself and start outsourcing it to save yourself some time.

For more details and strategies on how to use Microworkers, ‘mechanicalturk’, fiverr and some other crowd sourcing platforms you can read the full post about this topic on our website just check out our blog and you can do a search for the Microworkers keyword and you’ll fold us up And feel free to leave a comment let us know if you have any questions or let us know what you’re doing its always interesting to see how people are using these tools and it will definitely help our fellow marketers.

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