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If you are an online marketer and you’re still doing all the work yourself, you need to re-evaluate your time and the value you’re providing. Especially if you’re doing automated or redundant tasks, where you’re setting up accounts, giving people profiles on various sites, setting up web 2.0 sites with various blogs on the same platforms over and over again, you really shouldn’t be number 1 doing this yourself, or number 2 having a human being doing it.

There are solutions out there and I’ve been playing around with a tool called iMacros and really this basically automating your web browser for you, so what you can do is you can prerecord actions and step by step processes and you can go out and have people create these for you, which I highly recommend because it’s a little confusing.

If you just do a quick Google search on iMacros – scripts, for things such as article distribution or account setup, you’ll see that people have made some out there for free that you can use that will do anything from web scraping to particle posting, blog commenting, but you can really get these created to do whatever you want, and there are a couple of people that will do these iMacros and code them for you custom and sometimes they can even connect a JavaScript to perform intricate actions for you.

I highly recommend looking more into iMacros and you can post a job to freelancer in what you’re looking for and you’ll get some great feedback, I recommend talking to the people who reply to your project that’ll give you a lot more information and then may have alternative solutions.

I know there’s also VB excel I believe, which is some type of automation used in excel there’s also a few other programs called a Ubot, which is if you go to Ubot studio you can find out more information and that will automate bots that will run within its own program, so you have to buy the Ubot program which I believe is about $500, you can also go check out Xeno Poster and its very similar to Ubot there’s a little bit less you can do with it but then again it’s a lot cheaper – I believe it’s $67 for one license fee for Xeno Poster so it’s a little bit more price competitive, but you know iMacros is free you can upgrade to a pro version for it but what I found is for simple tasks it has been able to tackle pretty much any automated process that I want to do.

What I do is basically create that workflow, that process, send it out to my iMacros coder he’ll create an automated process for it that gives me some variables that I can then change you know if I wanted to change or include an excel spread sheet of different usernames I wanted to register, it can pull each one of those usernames in from an excel spread sheet, if I’m collecting or if I’m scraping web links it can pull those web links and put those into and excel sheet or text file, really it can do pretty much anything (and I just passed a police officer while I’m talking in my car).

Really you shouldn’t be doing these receptive tasks yourself or use iMacros to do it for you, just set it up and hit run and that puppy will crank out any task that you’ve been struggling to find the time to complete yourself.

It goes super-fast, I believe it would complete a task that would take me 2 minutes to do it would probably complete it in 2 seconds, so for example what I’ve done is created one that will go out and find .edu blog posts that I can comment on and it will find all those it will collect the links for me and it will then go to each link and post unique content that is related to that topic.

It is a really powerful tool that does the research for me and does the posting for me, and I can’t tell you the painstaking hours it saved me, it does what would take me 2 hours it does in about 2 minutes, and I’ve never had to post a comment again.

You can even code it to post on your favorite blogs – there’s what some people call the “hummingbird strategy” where you visit a blog as soon as a new post is made and try to be the first comment posted there so you can some traffic from it, well create an iMacros that goes out and immediately when a post is made on that site it will go out and post a comment, and try not to be too spammy there’s a few tricks to make it relevant but that will give you some traffic and it will beat everyone else to the punch, and it was all thanks to iMacros.

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